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Welcome to the Working Daughter Podcast
Published April 16, 2020

This is caregiving during the coronavirus outbreak. Four women share their stories.

Ellen Minor is frightened that her elderly father who lives with her will fall and she will not be able to have paramedics come and help him up. She is being what her father thinks is ‘too bossy’ but that’s because she cannot take any risks in having him become infected with coronavirus. Amy Carrier also has an aging parent in her home. She has to decide whether or not to bring in outside help. If she doesn’t, then she does not see a realistic way to care for her mother and get her job done. It’s a difficult choice because Amy understands the risks involved, but if she can’t work, then she cannot support her mother.

Veronica Karwoski has been caring for her mother remotely. She has felt a lot of guilt for not being able to bring her mother into her home, but her house is not set up for the extra care her mother would need. They live in the same city, but Veronica still has to exercise caution during the pandemic. Finally, Karen Purze also cares for a parent remotely. Her mother is in a local nursing facility that is not allowing any visitors at this time. Karen desperately wanted to be able to say goodbye to her mother before the lockdown happened and is now trying to navigate this new environment we’re in.

In sharing their stories, we aim to shed a light on the critical role family caregivers play supporting our aging citizens.

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Karen Purze


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