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Welcome to the Working Daughter Podcast
Published January 19, 2019

Learn the Heart Language from Phyllis and Balance Life with Two Aging Parents from Shaista

Phyllis Myung shares the challenges of caring for an elderly parent with dementia from across the country. Hers is a beautiful story of family and love.

Our second guest is Shaista Kazmi, who was not only expected to care for her aging mother-in-law, but also her elderly father at the same time. Unable to find the support her family members needed, she started her own care agency.

Find out more about their insights and stories on this week’s episode.


Phyllis’s blog

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  1. Kimberli kimball Kimberli kimball

    This podcast was eye opening in that I had not really thought about culture differences with caregiving. I feel like I am or was not aware that there would be cultural things that come into play.
    Thank you for opening my mind and my eyes to these differences.

    • wdpodcast wdpodcast

      Thank you for listening. As we become a minority majority country and our elderly population continues to grow it will become more of a factor.

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